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February 27, 2024

5 tips for getting the most out of your Florence profile (and get more shifts!)

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Care professionals
5 tips for getting the most out of your Florence profile (and get more shifts!)

If you want to maximise the shifts you can see and get invited to, then getting your profile in the app right is crucial. It’ll be the first thing care organisations see when looking for someone to fill a shift, so here’s how to make sure you stand out:

 1. Say Cheese! 📸 Let Your Smile Shine!

App a photo of yourself to your profile. Organisations naturally want to see the human being covering a shift. Make sure you look the part by wearing your Florence uniform. Get a friend or colleague to take the photo and use a plain background. Make sure it’s clear, not blurry, so the care organisations can see your smiling face easily!

  2. Let's get to know you! 🌟 Tell your story!  

Another way to bring your profile to life is by adding a biography. Let organisations learn more about you; what do you love about working in health or care?; what previous experience do you have; what do your patients/clients love about you? This will help you pick up shifts.

  3. Vroom vroom! 🚗 Add your driving licence!

Add your driving licence: You’ll see more shifts if you add your licence, so don’t forget to pop it on your profile.

  4. Show off your superpowers! 💪 Highlight your skills!

Do you have specialist health or care skills or experience such as PEG feeding, dementia, addiction etc? If care organisations know you have the right skills, they’ll be able to find you and invite you to shifts more easily.

5. Stand out from the crowd! ✨ Make a lasting Impression!

Healthcare organisations can “favourite” health and care professionals they trust and value. This means, they can send those professionals a priority invitation to a shift or directly invite them to fill the shift. That’s why making every shift count is essential - so you can build lasting relationships with the organisations you want to work for and choose from the maximum number of shifts.

Florence can help you find flexible shifts near you, take essential training courses and improve your work-life balance. Find out more and sign up today.

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