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Fiona McAnespie

Florence is people-focused, simple and honest.

Fiona McAnespie
Director of Care and Support, radius housing

Discover how Radius Housing saved time by switching to paperless scheduling with Florence...

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I’d recommend Florence to anyone – I’d definitely give it a 10.

Angela Boxhall
COO, Majesticare

Find out how Majesticare went from 20 minutes to 20 seconds to fill a shift with Florence...

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Angela Boxhall
Rachael Ellis

Florence is very easy to use.

Rachael Ellis
Director of nursing, enable care

Discover how Rachael Ellis, director of nursing at Enable Care, uses Florence’s app to deliver high-quality support...

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The nurses we choose with Florence always have the right skill sets.

Gabriella Zahariev
roster coordinator, Vida Healthcare

Here’s how Florence supports Vida Healthcare roster coordinator Gabriella Zahariev with continuity of care...

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Gabriella Zahariev
Melanie Carpenter

If I need a worker with a specific skillset, I can select  skills when I post a shift.

Melani Carpenter
Service manager, enham trust

Here’s how Florence helps Enham Trust service manager Melani Carpenter save time and fill shifts quickly.

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“If it’s an emergency, normally I’d have to ring 50 people, so it makes a big difference. We’re getting 75% of shift gaps covered with Florence.”

Home Manager
Michelle Shippen, Dene Grange care home, Surrey

The nurses I've worked with especially have been absolutely incredible. To them it's not just a job - they've really cared about the home. I would say the calibre is absolutely excellent.

Clare Robbins
DEPUTY MANAGER, Meyrick Rise care home

Clare says Florence is the best solution she's used for finding staff. Watch the video to hear her story.

What I found really, really beneficial was the fact that I could just go onto the dashboard and put the shifts up that I need covering

Pushpa Meghani
MANAGER at, Holly Bush nursing home

Pushpa uses Florence to support her team when facing short term absences. Watch the video to hear her story.

“Florence offers us a greater sense of choice, and we can live up to our promise of making no compromises on care.”

Tricia Goan, Glebe Court nursing home, Kent

We have complete control with the nurses we offer shifts to, we're not relying on a middleman to actually get the nurses we want - we can invite them directly.

Andy Butcher
DEPUTY MANAGER, Kingswood House care home

With Florence, Andy fills shifts quickly and easily. Watch the video to hear his story.

We've been looking for a rota system to use, but found it difficult to find something that was user friendly and would save time... Florence is just so easy, and the staff like it as well.

Amanda Finn
Director of care, mills care group

Amanda uses Florence to fill vacant shifts with her own staff first. Watch the video to hear her story.

Anyone that starts using Florence will never go back to the old way of booking staff. It's just so easy. Really, really simple and good to use.

Nicola Copley
Administrator, fairlight and fallowfield care home

Nicola has been using Florence to fill shifts at her home for a year and a half. Watch the video to hear her story.

[Florence] staff we've had have all been very good. So yes, I would definitely recommend Florence  to other care managers.

Gina De'Lara
MANAGER, Whitefield Lodge

Gina uses Florence to improve continuity of care for residents. Watch the video to hear her story.

You don't need to use your office desktop or laptop for anything. You can even book people through your own personal mobile phone.

Anish Philip
Care home MANAGER, essex

Anish has been using Florence to fill shifts for 18 months. Watch the video to hear his story.

We can see everything [for workers]- their training records, DBS number, it's all there for us. We're not chasing up asking for profiles to be sent to us.

Amanda Finn
Director of care, mills care group

Amanda recommends Florence to other care homes because of its ease of use. Watch the video to hear her story.

I tried a couple of courses myself to begin with and I found them very easy to use... I spoke to staff and the feedback was positive, so we decided to change over and use Florence Academy.

Amanda Finn
Director of care, mills care group

After trialling Florence Academy at her care group, Amanda switched from her previous training provider. Watch the video to hear her story.

Shehzad Jivraj

We really found Florence useful when we were struggling to find high quality, reliable nursing staff

Shehzad Jivraj
Head of Operations, Clearstone Care

We have used Florence at our three sites for a few years now and it has really changed the way in which we manage our nursing staff.

We are able to post shifts and then view all of the relevant information about applicants (including experience, skills and training) and accept based on the ratings and experience shown.

This type of information is rarely provided by the agencies that we have used in the past.

I like the interface and ease of use (via both mobile and desktop), and the calibre of the nurses we find. We also appreciate the accurate and timely invoicing, as well as working with the Florence team themselves.

I’d definitely recommend care homes try Florence. We have made a number of recommendations to other homes, as a result of how happy we have been!

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