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This Is How Payment Works With Florence

Florence manages payments through a bespoke integrated payments system. This increases the reliability, speed and accuracy of payments.

The payment process is managed via a weekly direct debit payment. All shifts must undergo a three point approval system before a charge can be added to an invoice.

Each of these actions is time and identity stamped:

  • A shift must be posted and approved by one of your home managers.
  • After every shift, a timesheet is generated and sent to the nurse and carer to complete.
  • Completed timesheets are returned to a manager for electronic approval.
  • No charges can be added to an invoice before a timesheet has been approved by a manager.

    What are the benefits of our payment system?

    There are three main benefits to the integrated payments system:

  • Reduce the back office admin burden associated with processing timesheets and invoices.
  • Eliminate errors associated with manual timesheets, invoicing and payments.
  • Gain deep insight into your temporary staffing spend using our accounts and reporting features.

    In-Platform Accounts and Reporting

    Florence provides different access levels to different members of your team. Head office and finance teams can view a full history of paid and pending invoices within Florence.

    This system allows you to:

  • Build customisable resorts and download in .csv format.
  • Set hourly pay rates and control shift pricing.
  • Set weekly maximums for hours booked through the platform.

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