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Governance Gazette

April 2024

Welcome to the second edition of Governance Gazette, a new monthly newsletter from the Governance Team at Florence.

This month, we are focusing on well-known and established barriers to safeguarding; ones that we can’t and don’t always want to see in ourselves. We'll drill down on attitudes and values, cultural sensitivities and human factors.

Incidents: themes and trends

Last month, we were on fire 🔥 — but in a good way!

We logged a whopping 91 incidents.

We didn't just stop at logging incidents; oh no, we took it to the next level!

We reached out to each and every one of you involved in those incidents; digging deep to understand what happened and how we can stop it from happening again. The ideas were flowing like nobody's business!

Now, check out the graph below.

It's like our very own rollercoaster ride, but don't worry, we're staying in the safe zone. Most of our incidents were in the low to medium range.

But hey, here's the real talk: no matter how tiny an incident seems, we want to hear about it! Seriously, it's like adding pieces to a giant puzzle. Reporting helps us see the whole picture and figure out where we need to sprinkle our magic dust ✨

So, keep those reports coming, keep sharing your ideas, and let's keep rocking this safety game together!

Safeguarding superheroes: unleashing fun to overcome barriers

Fiona Millington
Fran Kyprianou
Director of Nursing & Governance

Safeguarding adults in care may seem like a daunting task, but fear not! With a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of enthusiasm, we can transform this important responsibility into an exciting journey. Grab a drink, get comfy, and join us on a thrilling quest to overcome some of the trickiest and unobvious barriers to safeguarding.

Picture this: you, adorned in your superhero cape, ready to embark on an epic mission to safeguard our vulnerable adults. As superheroes of care, we understand that protecting our community is our sacred duty. But just like in any great superhero story, there are formidable challenges to conquer along the way. With our combined powers and courage, we can vanquish any barrier that stands in our path!

Barrier #1: fear of speaking up 💬

The thought of facing backlash or repercussions can send shivers down even the bravest hero's spine. Don’t overthink it and talk yourself out of it, our superhero alliance has your back. It’s fairly common that as soon as you take the first step others will follow and, by doing so you are creating an army of good. Be the leader and champion.  Speak out, stand tall, and know that you are supported by the collective voice.

#2: lack of training and awareness 📚

Every superhero needs to hone their skills, and safeguarding is no exception.  

Our very own Florence Academy offers top-notch training and resources to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to tackle any challenge. Stay sharp, keep learning, and unleash your inner safeguarding champion!

Barrier #3: communication and collaboration challenges 🤝

In the world of superheroes, teamwork makes the dream work. If you are not a member of the permanent team of the service, it can be tempting to just pass it on and not really get involved in safeguarding but let's break down those communication barriers, collaborate like never before, and unleash the full force of our mission.

Barrier #4: attitudes, values, and cultural sensitivity 🌍

Our superhero journey wouldn't be complete without addressing the importance of attitudes, values, and cultural sensitivity. Let's embrace diversity, foster empathy, and ensure that every voice is heard and respected.

Picture this: safeguarding professionals swooping in like caped crusaders, armed with the power of cultural sensitivity to bridge the gap between different norms and beliefs. By mastering the art of communication and building trust with individuals from diverse backgrounds, they become real-life superheroes who can decode even the trickiest safeguarding puzzles.

But wait, there's more! Our heroes tackle attitudes and values head-on, armed with the mighty sword of education and training. With each swing, they shatter harmful stereotypes and ignite a fire of respect and understanding. Through the power of knowledge and empathy, they transform negative mindsets into beacons of hope that guide us towards a brighter, safer future.

And let's not forget about human factors. Our superheroes navigate the treacherous terrain of organisational structures and resource constraints, armed with the tools of resilience and determination. By investing in robust policies, training, and communication, they transform weak links into unbreakable chains of protection, ensuring that no one is left behind.In the end, it's all about teamwork and collaboration.

By uniting safeguarding professionals, policymakers, and communities, we can break down barriers and create a world where safety and well-being reign supreme. So join the fun and become a part of this epic quest towards a future where safeguarding is a priority for all. Together, we can unleash the power of safeguarding superheroes and make the world a safer, brighter place for everyone!

Top tips on how to navigate cultural sensitivity in healthcare

Lauren Clark
Lauren Clark
governance support manager

In today's multicultural world, understanding and respecting diverse cultural backgrounds has become more important than ever.

As we break down the barriers of cultural sensitivity, we start on a journey of discovery, empathy, and inclusivity.

This journey isn't just about learning to tolerate differences – it's about celebrating them. By embracing cultural sensitivity, we open doors to deeper connections, better communication, and more effective collaboration. Here are some top tips on how to break down those barriers

1. Embark on an exciting journey of cultural awareness where everyone becomes a cultural connoisseur, learning about diverse backgrounds, traditions, and different communication styles that makes our community special! 

2. Break down language barriers to ensure everyone feels they have a voice! This ensures every service user and colleague feels like they're part of the conversation. 

3. Demonstrate respect for service users’ cultural practices, even if they differ from mainstream healthcare norms. Avoid imposing personal beliefs or judgments and strive to understand how they are feeling. Meanwhile - always ensuring safe practice. 

4. Be a team player! Involve service users and their families in the decision-making process regarding their care. Respect their autonomy and preferences while providing great quality care. 

5. Stay involved! Keep up to date with the evolving cultural trends and strive to meet the ever-changing needs of our community. Here at Florence, we want to create a culture of continuous learning and adaptation within the organisation, where our Care Professionals are encouraged to seek ongoing education and training on cultural sensitivity.

This month, the governance team are supporting our colleagues observing Ramadan. We have pledged to spend one day to further understand and celebrate colleagues' culture and traditions, including fasting alongside them for the full day. 

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