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What makes Florence different from a Nursing Agency?

What makes Florence stand out from the hundreds of nursing agencies dotted around the UK?

Florence aims to work with you in partnership, giving you the real control over your shifts and encouraging a relationship with nursing homes for continuity of care.

You have the power:

At Florence, we give you full control over when and where you work.

You can view all available shifts on the platform and apply for any that you find suitable.

With most agencies, you receive a call when a shift comes available.

This means you don’t have much flexibility in planning your temporary shift work ahead of time.

In a way, you are almost on-call.

As a Florence Nurse, you are independent.

This means you represent yourself and can directly contact the home.

Being able to directly contact the home means you can develop a working relationship and have a more positive experience.

With agencies you often don’t represent yourself and are sent to work rather than given options.

We know you have other commitments and that’s why we do not have a minimum shifts worked policy.


Florence’s payment system is straightforward and honest.

Rates are set and posted directly by the client, and 100% of the rate goes to you.

Agencies act as the middleman between you and the nursing home.

They agree rates with their clients and then set the rates themselves, meaning less money comes to you.

Registration and Support:

Here at Florence, we have a dedicated and friendly Nurse Happiness team that are here to help you through our quick and easy registration process.

You are also assigned a dedicated Florence account manager, who is a point of contact for any issues you may encounter.

With an agency, you may find you are a lot less supported - and more than likely you won’t find a dedicated person who manages your experience.

Find out more about becoming an independent nurse by calling us for a chat on 0203 911 2555, emailing or contacting us through the website chat

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