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March 11, 2022

Our Daily COVID-19 Question Will Now Cover Testing for Nurses and Carers

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COVID-19: Nurses & Carers

From today (17th July 2020), the daily COVID-19 question we’re asking nurses and carers will focus on coronavirus test results

Every day since March, if you're a nurse/carer using Florence, we've asked you whether you’re experiencing coronavirus symptoms every 24 hours.

Now, we’ll ask you to confirm if you’ve received a positive test result for coronavirus within the last seven days. 

Why we’re asking for test results

Confirming your test status is vitally important for protecting vulnerable residents you will work with in homes. Care providers must know they are not receiving shift applications from those with COVID-19. 

How it works

Our testing question will pop up automatically every 24 hours. You’ll need to answer the question to continue using Florence.

The pop up looks like this:

COVID19 pop up

You will be asked to answer the question “Have you tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 7 days?”

There are two options given for answers:

  • Option one: NO - I have either not been tested, or my test was negative
  • Option two: YES - I have tested positive for COVID-19

If you answer NO

We will provide a link to book your own test, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

If you've received a negative result, we'll ask that you send a screenshot of the result to

We also advise you should be prepared to show any negative test results you've received to the care home manager on arrival for a shift. 

If you answer YES

We'll ask that you send a screenshot of the result to

You'll also be asked to self-isolate for the next ten days, and your account manager will be in contact the same day to offer support and discuss your situation. 

You will also be asked to cancel any upcoming shifts you have in the next seven days. You won't be able to apply for any more shifts during this time.

How to get tested

We recommend you arrange a COVID-19 test yourself, at least once a week.

You can book your own test here.

This will ensure you're getting regularly tested and complying with government requirements.

While all care homes you work with should now be offering to test you every week, we know in reality some may not be doing this yet. Arranging your own testing provides peace of mind.

Please let your Florence account manager know if you are not offered a test at a care home you work with, and we'll investigate further.

We’re here to help

We understand the uncertainty and stress coronavirus has brought to your working life, and we appreciate the incredible challenge frontline nurses and carers are facing.

Florence is working to keep you, residents and care homes protected from the spread of infection. If you are unsure, please see our guidelines on what we are doing to help all Florence users, as well as see our policy for nurses and carers to follow during this time.

If you have any questions about increased testing in care homes, please get in touch by calling your account manager on 020 3911 2555, or emailing us at

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