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March 11, 2022

Meeting the NMC: How We'll Work Together to Help Nurses

Fiona Millington
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A large part of my role as Chief Nurse at Florence is advocating for our nurses when incidents occur.

Sometimes this also means speaking to the NMC, if the incident is seen as needing their involvement.

As agency nurses, we know you can be exposed to more risk and scrutiny if an incident happens when you’re on shift in a care home. It’s a worry that holds some back from even beginning independent work, despite the rewards of being your own boss.

With this in mind, I sat down in person with Paula and Catrin from the NMC to introduce them to Florence and how we work (as we’re different from typical agencies).

High on my agenda was a discussion of how Florence and the NMC can work together on incident management in future cases.

I share the main talking points of our chat below, plus its positive outcomes for nurses working with Florence.

Fiona and Foyz from Florence discuss incident management with the NMC

Meeting the NMC: our discussion points

We spoke with the NMC’s Paula Palmer-Charlery and Catrin Cassidy for over three hours, covering a range of topics important to nurses.

Key highlights included:

  • A lengthy discussion on the challenges faced by agency nurses working in health and social care, as well as what could be done to support them to practice in a safe and effective manner.
  • An overview provided to the NMC covering Florence’s incident management process and the data we collect when recording incidents. As part of this we spoke about how we support nurses who work with Florence, and also care homes.
  • A discussion of how the NMC is moving from being seen as a disciplinary organisation to one that is compassionate and responsive to the needs of both nurses and the general public.  
  • A look at the NMC's 2020-25 strategy, which is due to be launched now in January 2020, and a discussion of how it aligns to the Florence way of thinking about supporting nurses who have been involved in an incident.
  • A talk about the processes involved in making an NMC referral, and the levels of referral outcome and the support that the NMC offers to both referrers and the nurse being referred.  
  • Being given a preview of the NMC’s new guidance for organisations on when to report to the NMC, and when to deal with incidents locally. This is currently at the consultation stage, and I’ll be attending a further feedback session with the NMC in the next two weeks.

What’s next?

As a result of our chat, I’ll be attending a focus meeting with the NMC on fitness-to-practice referral decision-making for employers.

This will be a benefit Florence nurses, as I can now lend your voice to feedback on new NMC initiatives as they happen, and hopefully help shape these in favour of agency nurses in the future.

Over to you

Do you have any thoughts or questions about our meeting with the NMC?

Or, do you have something else to discuss around incidents or safeguarding?

If so, I’d love to hear your comments. Drop me an email on and I’d be happy to have a chat.



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