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March 11, 2022

How we're Helping to Prevent COVID-19 in Care Homes

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COVID-19: Care Settings

We know your care home is facing daily challenges in keeping residents and staff protected from coronavirus.

It’s a disjointed and confusing time, too - as the rest of the UK is encouraged to come out of lockdown, those working in care may rightly feel the need to remain on high alert. 

We’re here to support you every way we can, for as long as recovery from the pandemic takes.

If you’re facing rota gaps that need filling with quality nurses and carers, we’re here to help you do this safely.

We offer several effective ways to limit the spread of infection at your care home while working with Florence...

Our key safety areas

We protect you in three key safety areas:

1. Technology

We’ve built COVID-19 screening into Florence, so nurses and carers must provide their latest test result every 24 hours in order to use the platform.

2. Testing

Our policy is all nurses and carers using Florence must take a weekly coronavirus test. Dated results are available for care homes to view on staff profiles. 

3. Limited & exclusive staff

You can secure staff by exclusive contract and block-booking, to limit the amount of people entering your facility. 

As well as using Florence, you can also help protect from the spread of infection by fine-tuning your operation's safety and communication policies. Find out more about these here: 4 changes your care home can make during COVID-19.

Below, we’ll explain more about how Florence supports you in your safety efforts during this time. 

Coronavirus safety measures in detail

Find out more about our testing, technology and staffing safety measures below...

Daily COVID-19 screening

Nurses and carers must answer a COVID-19 screening question daily, in order to access Florence.

On logging in, staff must answer “yes” or “no” to whether they have tested positively for COVID-19.

The screening question looks like this:

Screening question on Florence
  • If the answer is yes, their upcoming shifts are cancelled, and they are unable to use the system until after seven days of self-isolation.
  • If the answer is no, staff are directed to provide evidence of their negative result to Florence, and are given a link to book their next test in order to keep in line with our policy.

Those who do not report regular testing receive follow up calls from their account manager, to clarify the need to follow our testing policy.

Weekly testing & result visibility

Staff using Florence must ensure they take a coronavirus test every seven days.

Evidence of test results are provided to Florence on a weekly basis, and latest results are added to staff profiles, which are viewable to care homes. This help you book applicants for shifts with confidence.

Test results appear in profiles look like this:

COVID staff profile on Florence

Exclusive & block booking staff

We offer several ways to consistently work with preferred nurses and carers. This limits your headcount, and therefore your risk of introducing infection to your home, as well as ensuring residents receive continuity of care from trusted staff. 

1. Florence Exclusive

Florence Exclusive allows you to book exclusive contracts with nurses and carers, for 1-3+ months. If you successfully set up a contract, your nurse or carer will agree not to work with any other providers while they’re working with you.

To get started, please complete a short form letting us know which role(s) you require, and we’ll connect you with a selection of candidates who fit your needs. Working with staff exclusively helps you comply with the terms for receiving government funds following coronavirus.  

2. Block-booking 

If you rate a Florence nurse or carer highly, you’ll receive a prompt to block-book them. This helps you secure a series of shifts with care-givers you prefer to work with, without the need to set up an additional contract. Find out more about our simple block-booking process here.

Need help?

If you have any questions about how we’re helping to prevent coronavirus, please get in touch with your Florence account manager. You can also reach us on, or by calling 020 3911 2555 - our dedicated team are ready to discuss any questions you have in detail.

Join us

If you’re not already working with Florence, and you need long-term staff to fill your rota gaps, we’re ready to help. Florence offers quality nurses and carers to fill multiple shifts over long-term periods. 

We’re able to offer greater transparency, speed and simplicity than traditional agencies - see more about how we compare here: Nursing Agencies vs Florence - 5 Differences You Probably Didn’t Know

Please get in touch here to find out more and request a demo today.

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